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October 18, 2023

"The only journey is the journey within."
~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Hello Beautiful Soul! 💕

As always, may this newsletter find you in wellness and joy!

Today I have a short message for you and a new offer.

Life becomes delightful and synchronistic when you come to the recognition that the highest ideals and guidance for your life lie within. That realization can only happen when you start to honor yourself above all else and trust firmly in your vision, inner truth and guidance.

We’re conditioned to operate the other way around and be outward focused searching for answers, advice and instructions. I believe that is the very reason we often create so much complication, confusion, drudgery and chaos in our lives, relationships and the world.

We each have a Divine purpose that's trying to manifest through. That’s why we “incarnate” into this world. Incarnate means to embody Spirit into human form. To embody is to be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to something. What your specific purpose is? Only you know. What form it will take? Again, only you know.

I know it sound cliché my friends but all the answers you seek are within.

Everything outside you will naturally come into alignment when you connect with the Divine within. The more you do this, the clearer your journey becomes.

While having the support and guidance of others is a beautiful thing, take it in lightly and honor YOU above all else. Trust in YOUR timing and don’t allow the expectations of others or FOMO to keep taking you off your path. It's okay to take what resonates and let go of what doesn't. Remember the guidance you receive from others comes through their unique perspective or experience. It may not ring true for you but that doesn't mean it's bad, it's just different and not aligned for you.

That's a wrap for my message. Now for my new offering!

I hope by now you recognize that I am dedicated to inspiring inner growth and healing. I also have a unique way of seeing circumstances.

Often times when we're in the midst of struggle, our minds become unclear and our emotions charged. This can create a cloud of confusion that makes it difficult to see things with the neutrality and clarity that will lead to practical yet honoring solutions.

That’s where I shine and love to be in service so I've decided to offer personalized short written musings on challenges you may be experiencing.


Miggy's Musings Offering

I am often told I give powerful insights into difficult situations.
My genius is my capacity to see things with... Read more

The most important work we have to do to live our purpose is the deep work of heart of self discovery and healing.

As always, reply to share your thoughts and if I can be of service, reach out.

To holding firmly to your vision and purpose,

Miggy 🙏🏽💕

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Hello Beautiful Soul!

A healing transformation guide dedicated to the wellness and personal power of women. I am devoted to inspiring inner growth and healing. I believe everything YOU seek is within! You already have the innate capacity and inner wisdom to heal and transform the obstacles you experience, you've just forgotten. I serve to provide guidance in self-discovery, deconditioning and doing the deep work of heart to reconnect to that power. I invite you to try my offerings, schedule a clarity call and/or sign up for my email musings to receive insights, tips & offers to help you gain clarity, power up & heal.

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