Beautiful or Triggering: Both Serve YOU!

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August 8, 2023

"There are people you meet who become impossible to forget. They were not sent to you by accident, but instead, destined to open a doorway to a different version of your life"
~ Erin Matlock

Hello Beautiful Soul!

May this newsletter find you in vibrant health and joy!

I came across a post with the quote above on social media the other day that inspired a pause to consider some of those unforgettable people in my life. We all have them for varying reasons, but ALL are meant to serve us, whether we recognize it or not. I shared it with an insight about how people can impact us with their beautiful essence or triggering presence that I’d love to expand into a deeper contemplation today.

Relationships are a central aspect of the human experience. We're all here to have our own unique experience of what it means to be a part of the whole. You and everyone you are connected to or come across, whether momentarily or for a lifetime, are a part of the whole. We live in an expansive and diverse world. This is a beautiful thing even though it can feel overwhelming on days when we witness or experience conflict because we fail to accept our interconnectedness.

For conscious beings, the current collective energy of polarizing and reactionary perspectives that have become so pervasive can feel disheartening. I believe our diversity and differences serve us tremendously. It is through contrast and sometimes struggle that we evolve and understand our essence. Learning to navigate our relational experiences, especially those that are challenging, with ease and grace is probably one of the biggest hurdles we face in life. But does it have to be that way?

This quote initially reminded me of family, mentors, and enduring friends I LOVE deeply who have been a significant part of my journey. Most of them have shared in many loving and fun as well as lightly challenging experiences that helped me to glean wisdom, love, and receive support that has forever changed me. It's so easy to love, feel gratitude for, and remember these special people in my life.

Then I started to think about those I love and care for but our journey hasn't always been easy. I recognize now that they too have served me, even when the lessons with them came not just through love but struggle. These situations played out as conflicts, unconscious triggering of fears, and painful wounds. Some of these situations I'd been trying to avoid facing and some I didn't even realize were present. In hindsight, those experiences and relationships of considerable drama were some of my greatest teachers and for that, I feel love and gratitude. I honor them for their role in my life as well as for our willingness to find forgiveness and reconciliation to stay connected.

I completed a marriage... that's how I now refer to the healed experience of my divorce. My ex-husband and father of my children is one of those people in my life that I have learned to relate to and appreciate in new ways. That has supported us in building our capacity to find common ground and purpose in co-parenting together. I was surprised when he commented on the post curious about the role he played in my life. I have to admit, it was a little awkward so I responded in humor which then turned into a comical exchange. I'm so glad that we're at a place now where we can relate in this lighthearted manner.

In some situations, although grateful for the experience, I've learned to love from a distance. And, in others, the hurt or lesson came from experiences with strangers that while I can't tell you who they are, the experiences were unforgettable.

If you've been with me for a while, you may recall me sharing the pivotal experience that led me to understand energy healing and eventually ignited my passion for the work I do. It started with a massage therapist telling me my "energy was toxic." When I heard her say that, it felt like she'd punched me in the gut. I realize now that it offended and triggered me so much because I didn't understand energy in the way I do now. I was conflating it, as most people do, with my attitude, which is where the popular idea of "positive vibes" comes from.

Between her being a stranger and how overidentified I was with being a "good" person as a way to feel worthy and accepted, you can see why it bothered me so much. And, yet when I think about how the trajectory of my life changed, I wish I knew where and who she is so I can thank her from the depths of my heart.

That experience occurred during a low point in my life. I say it in the most lighthearted way now, but I was a hot mess and so unhealthy. I operated in many of my relationships either through overcompensating with no boundaries, suffering in silence, secretly seething in my anger, or numbing myself through unhealthy eating. These were all behaviors that led to dysfunction and an overwhelming amount of stress in my body that manifested as debilitating back pain which is the reason I was so desperately trying to find relief.

So you see, whether the lessons came through a mix of love, struggle, conflict, or hurt what I know now is that they were exactly what I needed. I'd been living out of alignment and had to let go of the indifference I had towards myself and what I truly wanted in life. They served me in growing and some were so painful and shocking that they ignited my highest potential to come alive.

Recently while participating in a group meeting, the presenter encouraged us to get outside and reminded us that "nature is our nature." In the context of our group, she was referring to us learning to relax and just be by connecting with nature. But nature teaches us a lot more and some connections apply here as well. Nature and its life cycles can help us understand the higher purpose of struggle or what we may sometimes view as upheaval. Here are some examples:

  • The metamorphosis of the butterfly
  • A bird hatching from an egg
  • The pressure that creates diamonds
  • Flowers that grow and thrive in water, mud, poor soil, and even concrete
  • The restorative power of a wildfire

That last example blew my mind! During one of my recent off-road adventures, we saw the effects of wildfires and that's why I was prompted to research it to include here. Did you know that some tree species rely upon wildfire for propagation? YEAH, I found that unbelievable as well but it turns out the seeds of certain pines are sealed by a resinous bond they can only burst through with the high temperatures associated with wildfire.

And, thinking of fire brought on another connection... I know I'm on a roll here, but you'll love this one. I wish for it to inspire hope especially if you're experiencing challenges in your relationship(s) that feel like upheaval and it's such a beautiful idea to close with. 😁 It reminds me of the symbolism in the phoenix rising. It's a profound symbol of rebirth, regeneration, and new beginnings after it rises from the ashes of its previous life. In many cultures, it's associated with strength, determination, passion, resilience, and compassion which are all energies that support our growth personally as well as within our relationships. Even though we tend to resist them, struggle or challenging conditions are necessary and sometimes exactly what will cause our full glory to come alive.

To growing in joy and healing in wonder,

Miggy πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’•


P.S. If you are experiencing challenge in a life situation, relationship or in resolving past wounds and you've tried conventional treatments with no or little results, I invite you to consider a soul essence session.

This is an offering of profound healing and inner growth that is guided by these tenets:

  • HEALING the past and clearing the energetic imprints of patterns that don't serve are necessary to releasing constriction, resistance and blocks that impact your health, wellbeing, self-expression and vibrational output.
  • Understanding your sovereignty, personal responsibility, inner authority, and energetic essence is how you POWER yourself up to create in life and manifest your highest potential.
  • Navigating life with greater CLARITY about who YOU are as well as the energy of your circumstances, higher purpose, and intention increases your capacity and momentum to experience greatness, vitality, love and prosperity.

The soul essence session is a combination of intuitive guidance, energy clearing and aspects of coaching to support you in seeing yourself and the situation from a higher and energetic perspective. I love sharing my gifts of wisdom, love and unconditionality to guide you in healing.

If you're ready to do the deep work of heart, let's talk!

Infinite Flow Healing, P.O. Box 30, Knightdale, NC 27545
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