Being Invited to "BE" and "DO" Life Differently

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Miggy's Musings

July 28, 2023

“We don’t lack resources, we lack resourcefulness.” ~ Rosalyn Fung

Hello Beautiful Soul!

May this newsletter find you in vibrant health and joy!

I can't believe how fast time seems to be moving these days.

It's been awhile since my last newsletter. If you've been with me for a bit, you know that my consistency is in sharing soulful and inspiring content. What that means is that there are going to be occasions when there's extended time in between my newsletters because life gets busy or I don't feel inclined to share.

This has been such a fascinating year for me. I feel like so many amazing and synchronistic experiences continue to happen. Lately, there's been this momentum in coincidences and it seems like I'm being invited to "be" and "do" life differently almost daily.

I've noticed that nothing that worked for me in the past seems to be working. This is happening with big life experiences and even everyday mundane ones. I personally don't see this as a bad thing. To me it just means I'm up-leveling and being given opportunities to experiment with life in new ways. I've been deep diving into Human Design (HD) for awhile and "experimenting with life" is a big part of who I am. If you're not familiar with this system of knowledge, I'll be sharing about it in the near future. It's fascinating and has supported me in understanding myself in profound ways.

One of the greatest lessons I'm integrating as I've been exploring and playing with life lately is that there's a lot in our human experience that can't be gained and quantified monetarily. This is something that's coming up for me because I've been doing a lot of healing around finances and the experience of lack. While money is a big part of it, I'm realizing that there are more expansive ways to view this area of life and that we actually have more resources than we realize. I find this both peculiar and comforting especially during these crazy times when it seems like everything we know is falling apart.

As I'd been contemplating this, a beautiful soul and fellow Reiki practitioner posted an experience on Facebook that included the quote above. Even though they'd been talking about personal self-care resources, I felt it reinforced what I'd been pondering about money and my recent life experiences. I invite you to check out her post here. One of the recent experiences I was pondering was my trip to Taos, NM. I want to share not only because it was amazingly fun, but it was a profound experience that solidified for me why it's so important to open my heart and mind to new ways of being and doing things. This is what being resourceful is all about.

One of the things I've learned through HD that I've been experimenting with, is that I'm meant to wait and respond to what life brings to me. I know that based on our conditioning, that sounds insane. But trust me when I say it's brought so much ease, flow, and abundance in so many forms lately that there's no denying the truth in this for me anymore. Remember that car my dad gifted me. Now this. But there's been many other bewildering experiences as well.

I'm convinced that what's crazy is not heeding the invitations to decondition and start living in alignment with our nature and the essence of who we truly are, given all that's happening in our world today. I recognize not everyone will agree with me but I believe the chaos and uncertainty we're seeing are just the divine's way of trying to get our attention and awaken us to a new and more powerful reality. That's a post for another time.

Getting back to today's topic. In the past I've shared that I've been in the Southwest exploring relocating and/or becoming a nomad. For awhile, I was stuck on taking action because I was focused solely on how much money I'd need to start. Some months ago, I was talking with my dear soul sister and friend, Audrey, about it and she shared with me a house/pet sitting website* she uses to find dog sitters when they travel. She suggested it as a way for me to expand my travel options while saving money. I was so enthralled that such a service existed and after some weeks of considering it, I decided to give it a try.

I got offered a 12 day house sit in Taos, New Mexico, after just a couple of weeks of finalizing my profile. This is the main area and state I intended to explore when I decided to come this way. Don't you just love those serendipitous moments in life?! I do! To me they're like little winks from above. But that wasn't the only thing. After sharing with her my excitement about getting the sit, she and her husband planned a trip there as well. Then another online connection and her son, that we both know did as well.

By opening myself up to do things differently, not only did I get to explore NM, I got to share the experience with 4 beautiful souls and we had a blast. We did some off-roading in the Enchanted Circle. We explored Taos and Taos Pueblo. We shared in meals, wine, games and all kinds of soulful conversations. Here's my favorite picture of Goose Lake, a high mountain lake in Red River, NM that we got to visit during one of our exciting off-road adventures. Isn't it breathtaking?!! I felt like I was in heaven there.

But, the most alluring aspect of this travel experience is that many of the pieces and circumstance were unexpected. They came about without me "figuring it out" "planning" or "forcing it." They were all inspirations, invitations or ideas that came from others or something outside of me. As Audrey and I often say, "you can't make this shit up."

I'm still on a high from this trip. There's just so many aspects of it that I've been reflecting on. Too many to write about here so I may share more stories in the future. But today I shared my experience to inspire you. I invite you to consider if there's something in your life that all of a sudden is no longer working. If so, open your mind and heart to play with life in new ways. Perhaps, you're being called to be or do life differently. I encourage you to go for it! Whether it ends good or bad, it was an experience.

I love hearing from you so reply and share your thoughts and any realizations that came up for you. As always, reach out if I can be of service.

To joyfully experimenting with life!

Miggy 🙏🏽💕

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