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Heartfelt Invitation

published2 months ago
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"Every time we choose not to speak our truth or feel our emotions and feelings, we lose a little piece of ourselves, and the light within starts to dim."
~ Cornelius Christopher

Heartfelt Invitation

Hello Beautiful Soul!

The intention of this email is to invite you into some powerful experiences.

I came across this quote earlier and it reminded me of the purpose of my work. I am passionate about guiding women through their healing transformations and always looking to expand my practice and improve myself because the world needs our LIGHT.

You are beautiful and powerful beyond your knowing!

We all are! I hope you recognize that and are embodying that truth in impactful ways.

I want to begin with my first invitation - I'd like you to take some time to contemplate and celebrate who you are and your life journey. You can journal any of the thoughts, ideas, feelings, inspirations and insights that are coming up or ponder the following questions:

  • What are your gifts, talents and strengths?
  • How are you living your highest potential?
  • Where is there room for growth and development?
  • Are you sharing your authentic truth?
  • Are you consciously creating the life you want?
  • In what ways do you honor and celebrate yourself?

If you've been following me for awhile you know I have a tendency towards deep contemplation and experimenting with life. In the past year, I've given myself permission to honor this in bigger ways which has led to deconditioning, releasing the expectations of others and living in greater alignment.

This has served me in healing, owning my power and accessing clarity at higher levels which has recently resulted in some miraculous experiences and creating with deliberate intention. I have this newfound love and reverence for life and know it'll only keep getting better. Not to say I won't experience difficulty because I've accepted it's part of the human experience, but now I embrace and use it to inspire me to shine my light even brighter.

There have been many realizations on my path which I've been leveraging on my entrepreneur journey. I'm integrating in profound ways that healing, transformation and inner growth is continuous work and requires you to:

  • Explore circumstances in new ways.
  • Do the deep work of heart and sit with the uncomfortable.
  • Know yourself and honor your truth above all else.
  • Hold steady to your high ideals, vision, values, purpose and intentions and stay focused on what truly matter.
  • Be brave, bold and even sometimes willing to walk your path alone because although the support of others is valuable; your desires, choices, purpose and journey are your responsibility alone.
  • Not take the lack of acceptance or understanding from others personal because contrast serves you in getting clear about what is or not for you.
  • Find practical tools and solutions that are aligned, sustainable and withstanding.
  • Understand what it means to embody your essence.
  • Celebrate every experience along the way whether it's positive, negative, messy, glorious, mundane or extraordinary because it all has purpose.
  • Learn to conserve your energy and resources to take action on those things that truly light you up.

I've been melding a lot of my personal lessons into the healing transformation work I guide women through and the outcomes have been pretty amazing both for me and the women I serve. Here is what a couple of them had to share recently about their experience...

Dearest Miggy,
Yesterday's session was incredibly powerful, magical, and transformative! I'm currently at a loss for words, but I just want to say THANK YOU for holding me so sacredly, for honoring my truest essence, and guiding me to restore my divine soul's blueprint. I just completed day 1/21 of my HW and my fiery soul is beaming. πŸ’—πŸ’«πŸ’—πŸ’« There are sooo many things I am sorting through at the moment, but if there is one thing that has a totally new meaning after yesterday is: intention.
Thank you ever so much, my dear!

Being a mom and business owner, my fatigue was easy to explain. And, using all the tools of self-care I preach about was not getting me the help I needed. I also sensed that some lifelong patterns of limiting beliefs were causing resistance in my progress both personally and professionally. This is when I decided to gift myself a session with Miggy for my birthday.
I was pleasantly surprised at her accuracy and understanding of my patterns but also the non-judgement, kindness and compassion with which she shared them. The clearing that followed was very energizing and uplifting. At first, I felt tired but soon the mental clarity, energy and feeling of lightness kicked in.
She's a person of integrity, gifted and heart-based practitioner. As a first-time experiencer of energy healing, I am blessed to have connected with her!
~Pooja Chilukuri, Author, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Health Coach

If you are experiencing challenge in a life situation, relationship or in resolving past wounds and you've tried conventional treatments with no or little results, I invite you to consider a soul essence session.

This is an offering of profound healing transformation and inner growth work that is guided by these tenets:

  • HEALING the past and clearing the energetic imprints of the patterns you've created that aren't serving is necessary to releasing constriction, resistance and blocks that impact your self-expression and vibrational output.
  • Understanding your sovereignty, personal responsibility, inner authority, and energetic essence is how you POWER yourself up to create the life you want and manifest your highest potential.
  • Navigating life with greater CLARITY about who YOU are as well as the energy of your circumstances, higher purpose, vision and intention increases your capacity and momentum to experience greatness, vitality, love and prosperity.

My soul essence session is a combination of intuitive reading, energy clearing and aspects of coaching to support you in aligning and taking inspired action towards your intentions. I love sharing my gifts of wisdom, love and unconditionality to sacredly hold you through it so you can experience profound healing and transformation.



If you've been with me for awhile and done a soul essence session, I'm not leaving you out. My invitation to you is to consider doing some deeper work of heart through one of my other offerings at a significantly reduced priced.

How? You may ask...

By forwarding this email to a friend that may benefit and inviting them to book a session. If they schedule, you will receive an email from me with a 40% discount certificate that you can use towards any of my offerings. Be sure to tell them to indicate that you referred them when they book the session so I can follow up with you right away.

Let's keep inspiring each other to do our work of heart and be a witness to each other's radiance because as I said earlier, the world needs that.

As always, I love to hear from you so be sure to reply and share any insights that were inspired by my invitations.

In joy and deep gratitude,



If you'd like to talk more about how my offerings can support you in healing and self-exploration?

I invite you to book a clarity call today.


Hi! I'm Miggy...

I am a healing transformation guide dedicated to the wellness and personal power of women. I love supporting women to transform life challenges into opportunities for inner growth and victory. I inspire them to decondition by guiding them in doing the deep work of heart to heal and gain strength especially in navigating the emotional energy that constricts and leads to patterns that aren’t serving so they can experience profound transformation. I invite you to sign up for my email list to receive musings, tips & offers to help you gain clarity, own your power & heal.