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I want to share a recent story of profound healing and clarity for me that includes aspects of different events that have happened in the last month and longer. It lead to an impromptu flight to Florida to see my dad and family as well as a weekend visit with my cousins in Mississippi as I drove back to Texas.

When you read further you'll see how miraculous these events have been. But I want to begin by sharing a picture and account of one of the many highlights of my trip. I know it's not the clearest but I still love it.

What's interesting about this experience is that the day before I was talking with someone during my drive to Mississippi that shared about a past jet skiing experience. In response, I'd said how I'd never done it and probably wouldn't feel comfortable with it unless it was with people I trusted. The next day, my cousin out of nowhere suggest that they take me to a nearby lake and bring their jet skis. Imagine the joy I felt from this invitation and coincidence. I learned to ride very quickly and it was an exhilarating experience for sure!

I love love love when experiences come about organically or spontaneously. To me, they feel so much more expansive than those I've spent a lot of time planning or thinking my way through. They are also examples of miracles that start to happen when we stop resisting what feels good because it doesn't make sense. I'm seeing more and more how my choice to follow my heart's desire has helped me to release a lot of constricted energy that was blocking me in many areas of life.

The day before I left NC, I was meeting with a dear friend and soul sister. She was asking for my insights on an invitation she received to be a guest on a podcast addressing trauma and healing. Our conversation started to go into modalities that I find supportive. I was sharing a recent experience working with a coach/healer and a greater understanding of inner child work.

To me, the work is about connecting patterns and challenges we may experience now to a part of us that was wounded as a child and still needs healing. I was talking about a personal example that was revealed to me through this work of struggling with disappointment. I discovered that this is what has constricted me from accessing higher levels of the energies of enthusiasm and joy.

While conversing, I stated, "at some point in my childhood, I must have been waiting for my dad to show up with great enthusiasm, and the disappointment that he didn't must have been too much for my little heart to bear." And, HOLY SHIT, as I said those words, my body started to vibrate and the tears started to come down. Since I'd already done so much work around this, I was surprised by my tears but quickly realized they were tears of joy.

See the resolution in inner child work is about releasing the emotions and constriction an experience imprinted in your being by giving yourself what you needed at that time. Although I'd done a lot of healing work around childhood wounding at the level of the mind, there was still some of the energy being upheld in my body. By saying those words, I integrated them within my body. At that moment, I understood in a very profound way at the physical level that it's been me not showing up for me.

The most beautiful part of it is that there was no judgment for myself or my dad, just a moment of profound clarity about some patterns of playing small, limited dreaming, and desiring from my comfort zone or illusions of safety. I've upheld some of these patterns as ways to avoid having to feel disappointment because at the level of my body that energy has always felt painful and heavy. It was such a powerful cellular release which explains the body sensations and tears.

Since then, I've started to contemplate and envision my life in new ways. I've been experiencing some miracles, great clarity, openness, and even circumstances I've desired for a long time coming to fruition in different areas of my life. I'm also understanding just how essential it is to keep delving into my circumstances with a new perspective and in deeper ways.

But I have to tell you what happened the very next day as I was packing up my car to leave NC. My dad called to gift me a car. It's this beauty of a red mustang that I'd teased him about during my summer visit that I said was too much of a car and thrill for his age. LOL! At the time, I didn't even pay him any mind when he told me it would be my inheritance since I appreciated it so much. It turns out that since then some things changed for him and he decided to gift it to me now.

I've been reveling in the memories of these experiences for days now and contemplating and integrating the learning. I was willing to do the work of heart to explore my challenges in deeper ways and by doing so healed and gained a great deal of clarity about how I need to start showing up for myself and receiving if I want to create new circumstances in my life. And, I believe it also opened space for my dad to show up for me in a big way as well.

I'm always amazed at the profound transformations that healing can create in our lives. I find myself seeing things in new ways and appreciating the sacredness of life even its most challenging aspects. I'll never stop being in awe.

If you're ready to do the work of heart for your own profound healing transformation and need guidance, reach out by replying to this message or booking a clarity call below. I'd be honored to witness and guide you on your journey.

To navigating life with curiosity, joy, and deep reverence!


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