Pivotal Choices

published4 months ago
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“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” ~ Caroline Myss

Hello Beautiful Soul!

May this newsletter find you in vibrant health and joy!

I can't believe how fast time seems to be moving these days.

You know, when used with purpose, technology is such a blessing. I'm a bit tech averse but one of my favorite features of Google, is the random photo memory reminders. Recently, I received a video collection of photos from my first Sedona trip 5 years ago.

You know we often get asked "where do you see yourself in 5 years?" Personally, I find that question annoying because I'm not a big planner. While I have ideas of goals and experiences I desire to move towards, I prefer to leave space and stay curious to what life brings. With as crazy as life can be or as fast as it can change at times, it's hard to know where I'll be 5 weeks from now. LOL! I know that's an exaggeration but my point is that long term planning is good as long as you do so without attachment.

As I reflect on everything that has happened since that trip, a question I feel is more insightful and relevant to ponder is "what have I learned, healed and integrated in the last 5 years?" I'm in total AWE of how my life has been transformed by what was ignited on that trip. I realize it was a pivotal choice that resulted in an amazing travel adventures. The majesty of that place took my breath away over and over again. It still does every time I go back to visit.

If you've never done a solo trip, I highly encourage it. I know it isn't something most consider but taking time for yourself is essential. When you go solo, you can really focus on your self-care and do what you truly desire to. You can revel in YOU and let's be honest, how often are you encouraged to do that? There's also something about communing in nature, meeting new people and engaging in learning on your own that leads to profound experiences of self-discovery.

It's astounding when I consider how much that trip served me. It was a super fun adventure. I hiked in the red rocks and learned about energy vortexes. I went on an inspirational nature tour by Beaver Creek with shamanic teachings and flute/drumming meditations. I did a stargazing tour and saw the most starlit sky I've ever seen. But most importantly, it's where I learned Reiki and unbeknownst to me, my journey to profound transformations and awakening to a higher purpose started to unfold.

I'd always been fascinated by pictures of the southwest and felt the desert calling me. I would often feel inspired to go but either ignored it, justified why it wasn't possible or would forget about it with the busyness of life. But for whatever reason, that desire kept creeping up on me over and over again.

When your intuition keeps tugging at you, follow it! No matter how nonsensical the ideas are, there's a reason it keeps coming up. I believe it's our inner self, God or higher guidance trying to get your attention and moving us towards what our soul desires for our highest potential. I've shared about this experience and one of its greatest lessons before and it bears repeating...

The heart not only knows the truth but the way! 💗

The calling I felt to the desert was life-changing! It activated so many new experiences, connections with soul friends I love dearly and profound healing experiences. It set me on a path to start deconditioning from all the patterns of codependence and beliefs that kept me playing small. It encouraged me in closing so many cycles that had run their course but I was too afraid to let go of.

Codependence is when we make our happiness, self-care and life choices dependent on others, places, conditions or things that are outside our control. It's an addictive and pervasive pattern of giving away power that most of us are programmed to operate in, especially women. And, it's an illusion because ultimately, happiness is an inside job and your life is your responsibility.

As challenging as it can be sometimes to figure out where your intuition is leading you, it's worth finding out. Your intuition is that gentle yet innate guidance within that knows exactly what's needed on your path. We have a tendency to ignore it because we always want to feel certain and avoid regret. But, the reality is that more people have regrets about the things they didn't do than the ones they did, even when they missed the mark through the experience.

I've learned that sometimes the guidance is not for the outcome of an experience but the process, strength and lessons you'll gain along the way. I'm not sure I would be on my soulpreneur journey or exploring relocation had I not followed my heart then. That trip helped me to built up my courage, capacity and momentum to do things I'd always dreamt of. From the spiritual, emotional and mental sense, the gains in inner resources and resolve in life are truly priceless.

I'm moving towards my desires, handling challenges with grace, and living with greater presence than ever before. No matter what is happening in my life or the world these days, I know it's all perfect, beautiful and serving me. I owe that shift in perspective to all I discovered about myself and learned about God, our interconnectedness and the mysteries of life since that solo adventure.

So, I invite you to ponder:

  • Is there a place you've felt called to?
  • What inspirations have you had that seem nonsensical right now?
  • Is there something you've always dreamt of doing but haven't?
  • Are you ignoring or justifying why your dreams aren't possible?
  • What gets in the way of taking action on your intuitive guidance?
  • How do honor and care for yourself?
  • How does the idea of reveling in you feel?
  • What steps can you take towards the promptings of your heart?

Even if it's in small ways, I encourage you to take a step towards your dreams and what you desire today. Some action is better than no action. I find that anything done with heart, curiosity and deliberate intention will help you build momentum for the future.

And, YOU are so worth it!!!

I love hearing from you so reply and share your ponderings and any realizations that came up for you. As always, reach out if I can be of service.

To reveling in life!


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