Shifting Your Perspective on Fear: Embracing the Power Within

published4 months ago
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"Our deepest fear is not that we're inadequate, our deepest fear is that we're powerful beyond measure."
~ Marianne Williamson

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Fear, a universal emotion, has the potential to shape your life in profound ways. It can manifest as paralyzing terror, a protective instinct, or as persistent anxieties. It can be rooted in real dangers or simply perceived threats. Regardless of its form, fear has a significant influence on your thoughts, actions, and overall well-being. But what if you could change your relationship with fear? What if you could view it through a different lens—one that powers you up to embrace your true potential?

The quote above is my all time favorite because it remind me that fear often stems from the untapped potential within. It arises when you forget who you are or hesitate to step into your power and shine brightly in the world. Instead of fearing your greatness, embrace it.

To do so, you must cultivate awareness and build your capacity to navigate fear. While it may seem counterintuitive, fear can be a productive emotion when seen from an energetic perspective. This viewpoint allows you to transcend the small details of your circumstances and gain greater clarity and wisdom. It empowers you to choose your responses and actions, to minimize how long fear holds sway over your life.

For me, this energetic perspective became a transformative tool in overcoming my deepest fears. Over a decade ago, I was living a life of disconnection, unhealthiness, and imbalance. In hindsight, I see how I'd created the experience of excruciating back pain that was the last straw. As a mom, I proudly operated with this super mom mentality that lead I could do it all and it lead to constant stress. I was so convinced that that's what mothers do and didn't realize that it was really fear-based patterns around setting boundaries.

My unhealthy patterns were taking a toll on my physical and emotional well-being. This went on for a long time until it landed me in the ER and required a couple months of physical therapy. It was a wake-up call.

Through this I had a serendipitous yet jolting encounter with an energy healer that helped my journey of healing and self-discovery to unfold. I discovered modalities like Reiki, which not only brought instant physical relief but also unlocked a deep well of inner guidance. The healing modalities I embraced were so powerful that eventually I become certified in them, and now use these tools to serve women who are ready to do the deep work of heart on their healing journeys.

My journey revealed that fear was at the root of my self-limiting patterns and stories. Fear of ridicule for being myself, fear of rejection for setting boundaries, fear of judgment for speaking my truth—these fears had kept me stuck and disconnected from my authentic self. It was a powerful realization that fear held such sway over my life.

However, by getting healthy, learning to listen to the wisdom of my body and exploring my fears with curiosity, I began to transform my painful experiences into power and purpose. I discovered that challenges were not happening to me but for me. With this new perspective, pain and conflicts with others now is an opportunity for growth and alignment. I've learned to sit with discomfort, to explore the depths of my emotions, and to honor myself in holistic ways.

Understanding yourself as an energetic being connected to the divine allows you to see purpose in all circumstances. It enables you to harness even the lower expressions of energy, including fear, to move forward on your path. You are not here to transcend your physicality but to embody the highest expression of your divinity within it. That's really what we're all here for.

Fear, in its various forms, disconnects you from your source, from your divine nature, and from others. It is the opposite of love, the purest and most infinitely perfect vibration of God. When I experience it now, I get curious and discerning about how I may be out of alignment. Our society often uses fear to keep us in uniformity, which often times leads us to suppress our unique variation of divine expression. We have been conditioned to believe that worthiness is something you earn and therefore it can lead to operating in self-deprecating and disempowering ways.

Breaking free from your conditioning requires embracing an energetic perspective. By recognizing fear as the underlying root cause of your challenges, conflicts, and mis-creations, you can begin to dismantle its hold on you. You can observe life with greater discernment, own your power and honor yourself above all else through our experiences. Deconditioning is the ultimate way for your to love yourself and embrace your highest potential.

As always, I love to hear from you so be sure to reply and share any insights or your personal experiences of overcoming fear.

To embracing the power within!


P.S. If you are experiencing challenge in a life situation, relationship or in resolving past wounds and you've tried conventional treatments with no or little results, I invite you to consider a soul essence session.

This is an offering of profound healing and inner growth work that is guided by these tenets:

  • HEALING the past and clearing the energetic imprints of the patterns you've created that aren't serving is necessary to releasing constriction, resistance and blocks that impact your health, wellbeing, self-expression and vibrational output.
  • Understanding your sovereignty, personal responsibility, inner authority, and energetic essence is how you POWER yourself up to create the life you want and manifest your highest potential.
  • Navigating life with greater CLARITY about who YOU are as well as the energy of your circumstances, higher purpose, and intention increases your capacity and momentum to experience greatness, vitality, love and prosperity.

The soul essence session is a combination of intuitive guidance, energy clearing and aspects of coaching to support you in seeing yourself and the situation from an energetic perspective so that you can heal, release what's not serving and take aligned action towards your intentions. I love sharing my gifts of wisdom, love and unconditionality to sacredly hold you through it so you can experience profound healing and transformation.

If you're ready to do the deep work of heart, I'm ready to witness and guide you through it.


Infinite Flow Healing, P.O. Box 30, Knightdale, NC 27545
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