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What are your heart's desires?

published3 months ago
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Hello Beautiful Soul!

May this message find you in the spirit of love and joy! Especially since we recently celebrated Valentine’s Day and there was a lot of focus on the energy of love. I hope you’re still riding the wave of that powerful and enlivening energy.

I'd like to start off by saying THANK YOU for your support and participation in the Energy of Success summit. I hope it served you in inspiring new possibilities and experiencing endless success in all your heart's desire.

So far, this year has been amazing for me and I’ve been thinking a lot about our creative nature and the manifestation of our heart’s desires. I know this is going to be a year of great breakthroughs for all of us. I could feel it deep in my soul. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way given all that is going on in the collective, but I believe it’s all serving a purpose.

One of my superpowers has always been my capacity to tap into optimism even when things aren’t going or feeling so good. I’m realizing that those moments in our lives when things aren’t going well are meant to bring our awareness back to ourselves to see how we’re misaligned and negating the essence of who we are. There are times when I share my optimism or make decisions based on it that others don’t understand and they respond with “you’re crazy.”

I’ve been getting a lot of that lately and have decided that instead of the usual discomfort with the judgment of those words, I’m going to wear it like a badge of honor. In essence, when you get this response about anything you’re doing or moving towards, it’s because people may be seeing limitations instead of possibilities or it’s unconventional due to our conditioning.

The greatest lessons I learned last year is that I have to be willing to do things I’ve never done because if my current circumstances supported my heart’s desires, I’d already be living them.

This along with my optimism for the year ahead has led me to start showing up for myself in bigger ways and reach for the stars. I put my belongings in storage last month and I’m now in the southwest. I’ve felt it calling me for a while and owed it to myself to heed the call. I intend to spend an indefinite amount of time traveling and discovering places in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona as well as the possibility of relocation. I’m currently staying with my sister in Texas and really enjoying my new reality.

The circumstances leading to this decision weren’t all very pleasant but now I’m realizing how they served me. Unexpected yet beautiful things have happened since I decided to follow my heart about taking a break from NC and heading to the southwest. I’m truly amazed at the confirmations that I’m on my path and the miracles that started to easily come in when I stopped resisting it.

I’m sharing this experience to inspire you to contemplate your dreams and desires. I believe they’re the divine’s way of guiding us toward our greatness, vitality, love, and prosperity.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • What are your heart’s desires and dreams?
  • Is there something you’ve been dreaming about for a long time?
  • Are you moving towards them?
  • Are you showing up in big ways for your dreams or playing it safe?
  • If time and money weren’t a concern, would this still be your dream?
  • Are there any resources you need to strengthen your resolve or gain clarity to take action toward your heart’s desires?
  • Is the action you’re taking towards it, inspired action or based on ideas or beliefs you’ve been taught?
  • Are you moving with ease or experiencing a lot of barriers?
  • How do you perceive the barriers that are showing up?
  • What stops you from moving toward your desires?
  • Are the people in your circle nurturing and supportive of big dreams?
  • What's your biggest fear about following your heart?

I meditated and reflected on these ideas before deciding what to do. It was so helpful to go within to honor myself and find my answers. It took months to make the final decision. Then probably about another to gain the strength to share it with my loved ones especially those who would be impacted by it. In the end, it has all worked in the highest good of all.

I’d love to know what big dreams and desires you are moving towards. Reply, share and if you know someone who can benefit from my newsletter pass it on and invite them to join.

Whatever you may be striving for... be brave, do it big and with heartfelt intentions to inspire love in our world.

To moving towards our dreams with curiosity, enthusiasm and joy!


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Hi! I'm Miggy...

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